Flavor Of The Week

Flavor of the Week-Churro

vape flavorOur churro recipe is way past ordinary.  Soft dough sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar, mixed with sweet vanilla bean ice cream.… Read More

Flavor of the Weeks- Boysenberry & White Chocolate Strawberry

e-juiceA tangy and delicious fruit that’s a blend of blackberry, loganberry, and raspberry.


Ripe strawberries dipped in luscious white chocolate, then rolled in graham cracker crumbs to top it off.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Colonel Custard

e-juice flavorA dense and savory custard blended with vanilla, and dulce de leche!… Read More

Flavor of the Week-Raspberry Crumble

Tart raspberry fused with hints of crumbly pie crust topped off with vanilla whipped cream.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Blue Ranger

Our third installment to the ranger series. Blue Ranger brings blue raspberry, and hard candy together, and tastes just like a blue hard candy.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Fire Rum Horchata

A fiery and bold flavor that delivers a punch, with a smooth horchata finish.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Hot Cocoa

Smooth, rich hot chocolate blended with warm milk and fluffy marshmallows.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Creme de Menthe

vape juiceA peppermint liqueur consisting of a smooth mixture of bourbon and Jamaican rum.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Gingerbread

e-juice flavorClassic gingerbread taste with hints of sweet icing and holiday sprinkles on top!… Read More

Flavors Of The Week – White Chocolate Bark & Fruit Cake

holiday ecig liquidThis holiday delight is a rich and creamy flavor made up of white chocolate with bits of cranberry and apricot sprinkled on top!

fruity ecig liquidTis' the season to dive into your favorite holiday flavors.  Fruit Cake was crafted with our signature

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