Flavor Of The Week

Flavor of the Week-Lemon Cherry Bomb

Fresh squeezed lemons combined with a hint of wild cherry, and sweet strawberries.Read More

Flavor of the Week- Guava Juice


Sweet and juicy Guava! Our Guava Juice packs a punch with a bright flavor profile that entices all of your senses.Read More

Flavor of the Week- Fruity


A delicious summer blend of Juicy Peachy, and Blue Raspberry.Read More

Flavor of the Week- Strawberry Yogurt

vape juice

A mild yet, tart blend of sweet strawberry and creamy greek yogurtRead More

Flavor of the Week-Irish Mint Shake


Modeled after McDonald’s famous Shamrock Shake, it delivers delicious vanilla bean ice cream, condensed milk, and spearmint!Read More

Flavor of the Week-Green Tea Wafer


A mildly sweet, crunchy wafer blended with green tea, and a hint of white chocolate.Read More

Flavor of the Week- Coconut Milk

vape juice

A mild yet tasty flavor that’s smooth and delivers the perfect amount of coconut.Read More

Flavor of the Week- Funnel Cake

A little crispy and the outside and extra fluffy on the inside.  Our Funnel Cake delivers that classic carnival taste everybody loves.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Passion Tea Lemonade

e-juice flavor

Sweet tea blended with tart lemonade, and just a dash of passion fruit to create this summer time favorite.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Strawberry Cake Pop

Soft and sweet yellow cake, draped in luscious strawberry icing with vanilla sprinkles.… Read More