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Is The FDA Trying To Eliminate The Vaping Industry?

Just when something arrives on the market to help people quit smoking and give others a pleasurable “hobby” that doesn’t cause addiction or weight gain, in comes the FDA!  The FDA protects us from a lot of things, but they Read More

Vaping Is Not Smoking: It’s A Safe Alternative

Vaping doesn’t have receive a huge amount of love these days especially when it comes to teenagers vaping. In spite of various sources suggesting that vaping has caused an increase in teen tobacco use, this was proven to be untrue. … Read More

Is Vaping For You?

Maybe you’ve heard of vaping and maybe you know some people who are regular vapers, but you’re still not totally sure it’s for you. That’s normal and completely understandable. That’s why we’re going to break it down for you today … Read More

New Cancer Research Backs Vaping Over Smoking

If you are already a participant in the world of vape, then you know that there are individuals, groups, and whole governments that are actively working against vaping. Many tend to site misconceptions about the dangers of vaping for their … Read More

3 Ways To Increase Your Vape Production

Not all vapers will be so called “cloud chasers,” but many vapers do succumb to the appeal of bigger vape clouds. Luckily for those who are a part of this crowd there are a few ways that you can work … Read More

The Basics Of Vaping Tricks

If you’re a vaper, or even if you aren’t, you’ve probably seen videos of cool vaping tricks. Essentially, these tricks entail manipulating the vapor so that it looks a certain way. There are multiple tricks that you can master and … Read More

A Year In Review For Vaping

Woman smoking electronic cigaretteVaping is still a relatively new concept and practice and it has certainly been at the center of culture and controversy. With all the attention that vaping has produced, there were sure to be some strong-willed opponents and persevering heroes. … Read More

Vaping 101: What Is A Throat Hit?

vape shopHave you heard of the popular vaping term, “throat hit?” Some people can only explain it by saying “you know when you feel it.” The presence of nicotine is what you are feeling in a throat hit. If you’ve ever … Read More

Vaping 101: A Huge Mistake For New Vapers

vape shopNew vapers have a lot to consider at the beginning of their vape journey, especially if they are previous smokers. Smoking and vaping are certainly not the same thing in the context of health, devices, and complexity. Some new vapers … Read More

Could Switching To Vape Reduce Your Blood Pressure?

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are primary causes for premature death. Having high blood pressure is a key factor that will push you towards an unfortunate future. Additionally, maintaining an unhealthy weight and lacking physical activity isn’t helpful. Smokers who understand … Read More