Is Vaping For You?
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Maybe you’ve heard of vaping and maybe you know some people who are regular vapers, but you’re still not totally sure it’s for you. That’s normal and completely understandable. That’s why we’re going to break it down for you today and help you decide whether or not vaping is for you.


What Is Vaping?

There are at least 10 million American vapers, and more than 2 million who have used vaping to quit smoking. These people use devices that let off vapor rather than smoke. That means that instead of burning certain chemicals and inhaling, vapor is inhaled releasing the taste (and possibly nicotine) for the vaper. The e-juice and practice of vaping is known to be 95 percent safer than smoking due to minimal and safe chemicals and the options of smaller nicotine intake.


Vaping has a few different terms that can confuse people, such as mod, e-cig, personal vaporizer, or vape. An e-cigarette is like an umbrella term for any vape product, but is used by certain people to refer to vapor products that look like cigarettes. So, just know that so long as you someone isn’t using a traditional cigarette and lighter, you’re probably looking at a vaping device.


Is Vaping For You?

Most vapers are former or current smokers. While many are attempting to quit, others use vapes when smoking is inconvenient or not allowed. Some vapers have never smoked, but certainly are a minority.


Our best suggestion for you is to switch to vaping completely if you are trying to quit smoking for your health. You can easily taper down your nicotine intake with various juices and even reduce blood pressure, maintain weight, and more.


For more information, read credible vape sources, or simply visit your local vape shop where experts can help you decide if vaping is for you.