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Vapor Galleria opens In New Forest, Houston

We would like to Welcome New Forest, Houston who opened up on 1.20.15, to the Vapor Galleria Franchise family. With their opening, we are expanding the brand’s expected 5-star customer service and availability to serve a community near you. Come … Read More

Allentown – Vote for your favorite cloud!

Our contestant videos are up and online form December’s cloud contest at our Allentown, PA location. Make sure to vote for your favorite cloud!

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Vapor Galleria opens in South Whitehall Township (Allentown, PA)!

The franchise, which opened Sept. 2 next to Radio Shack, joins a host of other area stores selling electronic cigarettes and accessories that have debuted in the past year…… Read More

15% Off Micro Puck B-Stock!

If you’ve been wanting to take advantage of the Micro Puck’s great functionality and build better and easier coils use Coupon Code: BSTOCKPUCK15 for an additional 15% OFF! Take a look at VapingwithTwisted420

The Micro Puck by aerisphere … Read More

Despite claims of unknown effects of e-cigarettes, they are better for you

A new study says despite claims of unknown effects of e-cigarettes, they are at least better for you than the real thing.
The study was done by Queen Mary University of London and published in the journal Addiction. It says … Read More