Monthly Archives: February 2017

Flavor of the Week- Strawberry Cake Pop

Soft and sweet yellow cake, draped in luscious strawberry icing with vanilla sprinkles.… Read More

Flavor of the Week-Churro

vape flavorOur churro recipe is way past ordinary.  Soft dough sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar, mixed with sweet vanilla bean ice cream.… Read More

New Cancer Research Backs Vaping Over Smoking

If you are already a participant in the world of vape, then you know that there are individuals, groups, and whole governments that are actively working against vaping. Many tend to site misconceptions about the dangers of vaping for their … Read More

Flavor of the Weeks- Boysenberry & White Chocolate Strawberry

e-juiceA tangy and delicious fruit that’s a blend of blackberry, loganberry, and raspberry.


Ripe strawberries dipped in luscious white chocolate, then rolled in graham cracker crumbs to top it off.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Colonel Custard

e-juice flavorA dense and savory custard blended with vanilla, and dulce de leche!… Read More

3 Ways To Increase Your Vape Production

Not all vapers will be so called “cloud chasers,” but many vapers do succumb to the appeal of bigger vape clouds. Luckily for those who are a part of this crowd there are a few ways that you can work … Read More