Monthly Archives: October 2016

Limited Edition Halloween Flavors

Rice Krispies – Crunchy rice bars blended with sweet, fluffy marshmallows to deliver a tasty classic!

vape flavor

Candy Corn – Delivers a signature flavor profile, and leaves an addicting after taste that takes you back to your childhood.

vape flavor

Strangle Berry – … Read More

How Vaping Can Save Your Life

e-cigarette storeVaping has been under constant scrutiny from certain doctors, scientists, researchers, and government agencies despite the proven positive study results from other reliable sources. However, in a recent article written by a well-known drug scientist, David Nutt, there is renewed … Read More

Flavor Of The Week – Bahama Mama V2

fruity eJuiceThis combination of Coconut, Pineapple and, Peach has been revamped and came back twice as good!… Read More

Flavor Of The Week – Peach Rings

ecig peach juiceA representation of the popular candy Peach Rings!… Read More

How Flavors Actually Affect The Way People Vape

electronic cigarette storeThe art of vaping and the various flavors that come with it are all part of the package that has come under scrutiny by members of the FDA and the federal government. Now, you might know that the act of … Read More

Flavor of The Week- Orange Tik Tak

e-juice flavor

A fond memory and delicious flavor! It delivers a tangy bright orange flavor with just the right amount of sweet.… Read More

Flavor of the Week- Passion Fruit

e-juice flavor

Passion Fruit is a smooth and delightful fruit flavor that delivers the perfect amount of sweet!… Read More