Monthly Archives: March 2016

Secondhand Vapor: Is It Dangerous?

Cig VS E-cigThere has recently been controversy surrounding second hand vapor or “passive vaping.” Several public health officials have even claimed that second hand vapor could contain dangerous chemicals. Because of these claims, officials even point out that similar to tobacco cigarettes,

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New Safety Regulations Coming For Electronic Cigarette Juice Bottles

Ecig atomizer and ejuice splash. High quality renderThere has been a big step taken in reducing the attacks on electronic cigarettes. Those individuals who are anit-vaping were attacking the e-cig community because there had been a few incidents of children getting their hands on eJuices and getting

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E-Cigarettes Receive Positive Ruling In New York

Electronic cigarette versus dirty smelly normal cigarette buttsA unique case has taken place in New York regarding e-cigarettes. On a public New York subway platform, there was an individual who was vaping from his e-cigarette. Apparently, he got cited for doing so and later decided to fight

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We Are All On The Same “Tobaccoless Journey”

We Are All On The Tobaccoless JourneyThere is no one technique that is better than the other when it comes to vaping. Everyone has different tastes, opinions, and are all at different places on their “tobacoless journey.”


People who are more of newcomers to the vaping

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