Secondhand Vapor: Is It Dangerous?
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Cig VS E-cigThere has recently been controversy surrounding second hand vapor or “passive vaping.” Several public health officials have even claimed that second hand vapor could contain dangerous chemicals. Because of these claims, officials even point out that similar to tobacco cigarettes, the vapor from e-cigarettes should be around as few people as possible.


These officials and other anti-vaping groups have gone as far as to propose that vaping should be banned at the same places as cigarettes are already banned. These regulations are already coming into effect in numerous locations including the rising number of places that don’t allow vaping indoors anymore. The reason why people are putting vaping into the same category as cigarettes is because of the unknown. They seem to be going with the excuse, “better safe than sorry.” This could hinder many cigarette smokers from ever discovering how helpful electronic cigarettes can be for them.  


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