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Use vaping as part of your quit smoking strategy

While many people agree that vaping is a good alternative to smoking, there is still much debate in the media due to the few chemicals that are in e-cigarettes, such as nicotine.


The truth about nicotine


It’s worth … Read More

Are You Vaping Premium Lab Created E-juice?

There lies one thing at the heart of e-cig and vaping industry. One thing that draws people in and keeps their sense of adventure: e-juice. Flavor is the draw and it’s certainly what keeps people around. At Vapor Galleria we’ve … Read More

Common Vape Problems and Simple Solutions (Part 2)

This is the follow-up to our previous post about common vape problems and their super simple solutions. Continue reading to learn how you can fix these issues that many vapers have experienced:


Not Enough Flavor

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Common Vape Problems and Simple Solutions (Part 1)

There is nothing worse than looking forward to a good vape session and having it derailed by something going wrong. Knowing how to fix device issues can get you back on the right track, heading towards the high-quality experience you … Read More