What to Consider When Combining CBD and Delta-8 Products
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With so many products available in today’s market and more arriving all the time, a common question that we receive is how to use different products together. While most products can be used together to achieve different effects, it is important to know what effect you want to achieve and for what purpose. Combining CBD and Delta-8 can offer greater benefits that using either product alone, but you should be aware of the quality of your products, the timing of your dosage, the strength of each product, and interactions with other non-cannabinoid products.


Product Quality

It is important to know where your products are coming from. Are you buying both your CBD and Delta-8 from the same seller? Are there products checked for quality in any way after they arrive to the store from the lab? The less additives in your product, the better in determining how well the product or combination will be helping you. This is true for both CBD and Delta-8, and you should be familiar with the effects of each one on you individually before attempting to combine effects.


Dosage Timing

Edibles, drops, and vapes all have different release times, and some products are sustained release while others are immediate release. These differences are important to ensure you are achieving the desired effect with your dosing. In general, edibles have a slower release time, and you should allow a minimum of thirty minutes to start feeling that effect before you add the more commonly instant release drop and vape forms. This allows you to add effects of different types while still maintaining the level of daily functioning that you need.


Product Strength

We have talked before about the differences between isolate, full spectrum, and broad-spectrum products. Isolates are reduced to only CBD and no THC; broad spectrum is less processed leaving small amounts of THC, and full spectrum is the least processed with minimal amounts of THC. These types all have different potencies that will be represented on packaging in milligrams. The higher the milligram per volume, the stronger the dosage will be. The type and strength will also affect how you should time your doses.


Interactions With Other Products

There are many other products that people might use to manage their symptoms including caffeine and alcohol. Each of these products stimulates your body in a different way that you need to be aware of before adding CBD or Delta-8 products. For example, caffeine appears to have synergistic properties when paired with cannabinoid products. The energizing effects may last longer, while the addition of cannabinoid products reduces the negative effects of increased heart rate and anxiety that some experience as a result of caffeine use. Being aware of these interactions will help you adjust your doses and timing to best alleviate your symptoms.


Combining CBD and Delta-8 products has an entourage effect with unique benefits, effects, and behaviors. These combinations produce intermingling effects that can cause new or heightened effects and benefits than using either product alone. Being aware of the quality of your products, the timing of your dosage, the strength of each product, and interactions with other non-cannabinoid products will help you get the product combination that you need to alleviate your symptoms. Looking for a store to help you get the products you need? Use our location search to find the Vapor Galleria near you.