Some Online Vaping Communities You Should Join
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Whether you are a newbie or an advanced and experienced vaper, joining a vaping community may be one of the things you will decide on. Whatever your reason for using the device, there is a vaping community that will suit you and your character. These groups come together to share information related to all things vaping and members exchange information on new trends, inventions, hardware, and their favorite flavors on the market.


Where do all the vapers hangout online?


Online Vape Forums


The popularity of e-cigarettes today has resulted in an explosion in online vape forums (aka vape message boards). There are vape communities worldwide. Some of the most highly subscribed online forums include Vapers Forum, E-Cigarette Forum, Vaping Underground, and Planet of the Vapes, an industry-leader in user subscription.


Other internet corners worth mentioning are places like International Vapors Club, E-Smokers Forum, E-Cig Reviews, and Vaporama, among others.




Reddit vape communities hold discussions in a controlled environment. Subreddits are created depending on a focus subject and rules are usually set to prevent members from deviating too far from the main subject.


There are subreddits for a host of vape-related topics. Here are a few most notable ones:

r/electronic_cigarette: discusses all content related to e-cigarettes, from e-liquids to mods.

r/Vaping: a vaping guide reddit for vapers in general

r/DIY_ejuice: discussions about e-liquids

r/RBA: rebuildable atomizers.

r/ecig_vendors and r/ecigclassifieds: for those looking for devices and accessories for sale.


Vaping Underground


Asthe name suggests, this is a haven for vapers who don’t quite “fit in” yet. This could be due to inexperience or lack of knowledge. This forum provides a space where even the most rookie vapers feel welcome. No fastidious gatekeepers or seniority-based hierarchies here.


E-Cigarette Forum (ECF)


Founded in 2007 by Englishman, Oliver Kershaw, ECF has now more than 250,000 members, making it the most popular online forum for all things vaping.New members and vapers go through a series of steps to gain access to the inner sanctum of the most veteran vapers:


Planet of the Vapes (POTV)


AUK-based site that is more eye-catching and stylized than some of the others in the business. POTV is just as open and welcoming as VU and ECF and very well-moderated. However, there are restrictions and rules regarding posts and overall content. There are even classified forums, which have their own price of admission: 100 posts. Judging by that standard alone, it is easy to see how seriously the POTV community takes post quality.


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