The Social Etiquette of Vaping
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It’s easy to fall into a false sense of security when it comes to vaping. Particularly if you vape sans tobacco. You may think there’s not even tobacco in heresurely, these “rules” don’t apply to me. But you’d be wrong. Very wrong.


To be clear, e-cigarette law covers all e-cigarette use, not just those that contain nicotine. This is because while the scientific community generally accepts vaping as a harm reducing alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, there haven’t been many studies done on the long-term effects of vaping. Tobacco-free or otherwise.


There’s legislation coming down the political pipeline that may cause ALL vaping to be regulated as harshly as traditional cigarettes, but we as vapers can influence this shift by being considerate and mindful of our behavior. This article is geared towards keeping your habit off other people’s nerves.


A lesson in proper vaping social etiquette:


At a private business


Ultimately, this location is subject to local and federal law. If law doesn’t restrict vaping at work, this can be a minefield. The most considerate choice is to step outside. However, if there’s no exit or balcony close by, vaping near an open window or an area with increased airflow should have the least impact on others around you. If there are no windows, just ask someone and always blow vapor away from others.


Public transit


Most public transportation bans smoking of all kinds. This includes vaping. Avoid chasing clouds in this space.


Around children and pets


If you wouldn’t smoke cigarettes around children, don’t vape around them. Even if you would smoke cigarettes around children (which by the way, you definitely should NOT), still don’t vape around them. The PG content in e-liquids is known to be harmful to cats and dogs, leading to anemia.


Around non-smokers


Just as traditional smokers have grown accustomed to asking the infamous question “mind if I smoke?”, you should ask non-vapers whether they mind if you vape. This could also open up a dialogue about vaping (try not initiate this dialogue on your end as that can come off preachy). But should your friend have questions, this gives you the opportunity to correct any misinformation.


Around traditional smokers


If you’ve made the switch from traditional cigs to vaping, you may feel a sense of triumph. Accomplishment. As if you’ve finally slain a proverbial dragon that has been plaguing you for however long. You may have the urge to want to share this feeling with others. To coerce or pressure your cigarette-smoking friends into making the switch as well. It’s definitely not proper vaping etiquette to preach or talk down to others. Don’t criticize your smoking friends. Instead establish yourself as a resource they can come to if they have questions.