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Restoring Veteran Monuments


Gary and Pam McBurney, owners of the local Vapor Galleria™ franchise will join their employees in cleaning and restoring the monuments of 20 veteran’s graves in honor of Memorial Day.


This complimentary service will be in conjunction with MarbleLife® the nation’s largest store restoration company. They will grind, clean and polish these headstones, and restore them to their original luster.


Gary states, “We are always looking at ways to give back to our community, and restoring these headstones seems like a fitting tribute to those service people who so selflessly served our country.”


The monument cleanings will begin on Saturday, May 27th. Family and friends of deceased veterans can contact Gary @ gmcburney@vaporgalleria. To schedule a photo op, and for additional information, you can reach Gary @ 412-999-3436.


Contact Information

Gary McBurney

Vapor Galleria, Inc.

2724 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Phone: 422-999-3436