Choosing the correct nicotine strength when starting out, and why it’s important.
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Choosing the appropriate nicotine strength for your e-juice is just as important as picking the right device to fit your vaping needs. Often times, people new to the vaping community overlook the fact that correct nicotine strength is of the utmost importance. If you’re making the switch to vaping and just coming off of cigarettes, you might assume that you’ll need a higher nicotine percentage in your e-juice. This isn’t necessarily going to be the case, and it’s crucial that you understand why.


Most cigarettes contain approximately 12mg of nicotine a piece. Keep in mind that stronger cigarettes can contain up to 24mg, and “lighter” varieties can be as low as 8mg. That equals about 240mg in a pack of 20. However, a direct correlation is not truly feasible due to different methods of consumption. As such, we usually break nicotine down in to categories based on smoking habits and the device that is being used. For current smokers that are switching to vaping for the first time we will usually recommend a lower-powered device so that we can better match the nicotine concentrate to your smoking habits. For example, using a non-subohm device:


3mg – Social Smoker

6mg – Up to a half a pack

12mg – 1 pack per day

18mg – 1.5 packs per day


If you’re using a subohm device then we do not normally recommend over 6mg of nicotine as it can become very harsh on the throat beyond that threshold.


The addition of Salt Nicotine also adds another fold in to the mix. Salt Nicotine is a higher concentration of nicotine that absorbs in to your body very quickly. As such, after only a few puffs of Salt Nicotine you could very well find yourself satiated for the time being. It is a different consumption than normal Freebase and is likewise a great way for current smokers to make the transition.


If you’re ready to make the switch then stop on in and let one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Agents help walk you through everything and get you started on a new path!