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3 Misconceptions About Vaping

There are countless misconceptions spread throughout the world, and vaping all too often gets a ton of heat from such falsities. Misconceptions in any shape or form are harmful to education and the wellbeing of our communities. Thus, we want to clear up three misconceptions that anti-vapers often cite so that you can make an […]

The Benefits Of Smoking Vs. Vaping

Some might say that smoking has its benefits that which vaping doesn’t have. And they would be correct to say that. But, when you lay the facts side-by-side, those people might not have the same outlook. Let’s see if transitioning to vaping will deprive smokers of some necessary life benefits.   Access To Smoking  If […]

Vaping Side Effects: Should You Be Concerned?

As you may know, vaping is healthier and safer than using the common cigarette as your choice of nicotine intake. But does that mean that there are absolutely no side effects connected to vaping? Not exactly. We’ll go over a few typical side effects that you may experience in conjunction with vaping/nicotine withdrawal.   Nicotine […]

A Warning To E-Juice Mixers

You might be a vaper who enjoys mixing e-juice or trying some DIY recipes. When done with great precaution and knowledge, there isn’t too much of a risk. Although, if you are a parent, caregiver, or responsible for the health of anyone aside from your own, then you perhaps want to listen to the subsequent […]

Vaping Is Indeed Not Acting As A Gateway

There is a mutual misapprehension that anti-vapers and even the Surgeon General likes to spread about vaping and youth. The myth deals with vaping acting as a gateway to smoking or other drug use. Nonetheless, there has been substantial evidence to refute these claims. In the most recent Monitoring The Future Survey (MTF) from the […]

Is Vaping To Blame For Popcorn Lung?

Perchance you’ve heard around that vaping produces popcorn lung. But, what’s popcorn lung? And does vaping sincerely cause it? We’re here to figure it out.   First, popcorn lung is a slang term for bronchitis obliterans (BO), also known as obliterative bronchitis. It’s ordinarily caused when one inhales chemicals and they scar the bronchioles, the […]

Vaping 101: Getting The Most Nicotine Out Of Your Puff

If you have recently switched to vaping, then you perhaps need some advice when it comes to what the best devices to use, best flavors, and of course best techniques for the best vaping experience. In this article we’re going to cover how you can get more nicotine out of your vaping session. Hint: it […]