Are You Vaping Premium Lab Created E-juice?
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There lies one thing at the heart of e-cig and vaping industry. One thing that draws people in and keeps their sense of adventure: e-juice. Flavor is the draw and it’s certainly what keeps people around. At Vapor Galleria we’ve got that in spades and all of our e-Liquid is lab created by our head Mixologist. You can still find some places that make e-Liquid in-house but lets look at a few reasons why you might not want that style.


No substitute for quality


Lab created e-Liquids are made in a controlled environment by trained technicians. The ingredients that we use are all U.S. Pharmacy-grade (USP) products. This produces a smooth, quality e-juice. In-house e-Liquids can be inconsistent with their textures and flavors. There is also no guarantee of a safe product.



Components of e-juice


The two main ingredients in the base of an e-liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The mix of the two products creates a smooth base. Propylene Glycol is a great carrier and is used in e-Liquid to carry the nicotine to your system as well as the flavor to your taste buds. You can find it in everyday use in inhalers as it helps deliver albuterol to your lungs.


Vegetable Glycerin, also known as vegetable glycerol, is a plant-based product. According to Global Healing Center, it is a clear, odorless liquid that is made from plant oils such as palm, coconut or soy. The texture of Vegetable Glycerin is similar to an oil or syrup and is used in e-Liquids as a thickening agent. For household or food use it must be USP grade. This is 99% pure vegetable glycerin product. In everyday use you can find it used as a preservative.


Extras and additives


Other ingredients are flavorings and nicotine. The flavorings added can be natural or artificial. E-Liquids made in a lab are made with USP food grade flavors. The amount of nicotine that is used varies.


Special considerations


Lab produced e-Liquid flavors range from fruity to exotic, including tobacco and menthol flavors for a more traditional cigarette-like experience. The flavors come in a variety of nicotine levels for a personalized vape experience. E-Liquids are sensitive to light. Lab produced products are bottled in colored containers to protect the liquid from degradation via sunlight. All bottles have manufactured dates to ensure you are buying the freshest product possible. In-house e-Liquids, in addition to probably not being made from the highest quality ingredients are probably not undergoing the same level of care and monitoring as lab-created juices.