Yet Another Reason To Vape: Weight Control
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Weight lossOne major concern for people who quit smoking is gaining weight. In fact, this is not just paranoid speculation because the average cigarette quitter gains more than 11 pounds on average within the first year of quitting. That’s a frightening fact to some who want to ensure that they are controlling their weight for health and aesthetic factors. However, there is a solution and it involves the safer smoking alternative known as vaping.


Nicotine suppresses your appetite and increases your body’s metabolic rate, thus keeping your weight at a lower level. Don’t let this entice if you if you’re trying to lose weight, because there is a way to control weight and quit smoking.

A recent study published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, believes there is evidence to suggest transitioning to vaping can help you control your weight gain when quitting smoking.


How vaping does this is through the option to gradually decrease one’s nicotine intake, unlike typical nicotine replacement therapies (NRT). This more sophisticated way of quitting smoking can potentially help with weight gain, since you have more regulation over your habits. Some vapers even sight that when they crave sweet and sugary items like cake, they vape flavors of the like to satisfy their craving. With more control over your nicotine intake comes more control over your body.


Although much more research has to be conducted in order to be sure about the relationship between vaping and weight control, this is yet another victory for vaping. More and more health findings have come out to support vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking, despite false oppositions.


Moreover, vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking and has helped thousands in their journey to quit a disastrous habit. So if you want to quit smoking for a healthier future, visit your local e-cigarette shop where you can find more information and everything you need to begin on a healthy path to quitting.