Will Nicotine Kill You?
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Some “anti-vapers” will tell you that “nicotine is more poisonous than cyanide”, or “just a half teaspoon of e-liquid can kill a child”, or “nicotine is highly toxic in any form.”  Statements such as these are designed to keep people smoking tobacco and not purchase a vape kit. Uninformed “anti-vapers” will say just about anything to frighten you. These scare tactics are lies perpetrated by Big Tobacco and various paid groups to push the anti-vaping agenda.  At best, they are under-educated about both tobacco and vaping. If you do the research, you can easily plant a seed of truth with your response.


With that said, is it possible to overdose on nicotine?  According to a German toxicologist, a study was done in 1906 which concluded that 30 to 60 mg of nicotine will kill you. This information appeared in a textbook from that era.  Because the study was done over a century ago and science and medicine has certainly advanced since then, and the textbook analysis is easily outdated.  That particular textbook reported on a few self-experiments performed in the 19th century. The experimenters tested the equivalent of a few cigarettes’ worth of nicotine and reported seizures and loss of consciousness in said subjects.  We surmise that it’s possible there was some error in measuring the dose. Otherwise, today’s chain smokers would regularly lose consciousness and have seizures.


As with social media, data repeated over and over again can change significantly until it’s unrecognizable from its original content. So, to be fair, more study is suggested to find out what dose can become an overdose. Certainly, nicotine-containing e-juices should be stored in a safe place away from young children just as medications, alcohol and tobacco products are.


Talk to a qualified expert for more information about vaping.