Which Mod Is Right For You?
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Advanced personal vaporizer or e-cigaretteNormally, a starter kit or a cigalike will be the first purchase from a new e-cigarette user. Indeed, these are great for beginners, but what happens when you are no longer a beginner and want to upgrade to a more advanced way to vape. The next step would be to switch to a mod, which is anything more advanced than a beginners cigalike or beginners kit. One problem about mods for consumers who first want to purchase one is that “mod” is such a broad term in the ecig community. Thee are so many different styles and combinations that can make up a mod that are perfect for your vaping style. Once you narrow down a few of these key things then purchasing your perfect mod should become much easier.


One of the first questions that you might be asked is whether a fixed battery or a variable voltage battery is the right choice for you. They advertise themselves as mods, as well as devices that have no circuitry at all. If you are a beginner to mods, this is called a variable mod and is not for you. Assuming that you at least have vaped from at least a starter kit or a cigalike, you should have a general idea about the types of ejuice you like, the wattage, and overall style you prefer. What is awesome about how far the vaping industry has come, they can normally make a customized mod that is perfect for your vaping style.


Figuring out your budget will also make the mod shopping process much easier. Once you get your budget together and see your pricing options, narrowing it down becomes easier and easier. One final thing you need to consider is how often you vape on a daily basis. How often are your batteries dying on you? Are the new sub-ohm tanks catching your eye or are you happy with the clearomizers you already know and love? A great way to answer some of your vaping questions is to head to your local vapor store to ask a knowledgable employee. Once you put together all of these different pieces, you can make up the mod that suits you best.