What you need to know about choosing a coil
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So, you just purchased a new tank and there are tons of different coil choices. How do you know which one to use? Try asking yourself these questions to narrow down the options:


Am I a flavor aficionado?


There is one coil style right now that is king of flavor and that is Mesh. With a mesh coil – typically comprised of stainless steel mesh grating – there are a few key benefits that make this coil stand out. Mesh coils have tons of tiny holes that create more surface area on the wick, which helps more juice vaporize at once, leading to a more pronounced flavor.


Is Cloud Chasing more your style?


For exceptional cloud production, you’ll want to go for a specific coil setup. Keep an eye out for the three main elements that create clouds: multiple coils, a large wicking area, and lower resistance. Those dual, triple, and even quad coil setups can produce massive clouds so long as the coils have a sufficient wicking surface area to keep up with juice consumption, and a low resistance to handle the higher wattage outputs we love to use for chucking clouds across the room.


Worried about coil longevity?


For the more practical and budget-conscious vape connoisseur, making coils last as long as possible is our main focus. How do we do it? Smart decisions regarding e-juices and the use of ceramic coils. Ceramic coils last longer because of the better durability in ceramic wicking vs traditional cotton wicks. To increase coil life even further use flavors with less sweetening and lower nicotine concentrations. Flavors with more added sweeteners tend to gunk up coils fairly quickly and lead to a caramelizing the sweetener. Combine these tips and your coils can last a lot longer than you may have thought.