Ins-and-Outs of Vaping While Traveling
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Summer is fast approaching and with it the traveling season. Whether that means family vacations, a road-trip with friends, or backpacking through Europe solo—summer is the season of chasing horizons. For all you vapers out there, this means being particularly conscious of the laws and regulations being enforced in your various travel destinations.


The regulations surrounding vaping are still hazy and inconsistent. Swinging between leniency and rigidity depending on where you are. If you plan to travel this summer and wish to avoid potential hang-ups, here are few things to keep in mind about traveling with a vape:


Do some destination homework


If you’re a vaper then you probably know that there is still a somewhat heated debate surrounding the industry. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by doing some research about your travel destination to ensure you are in compliance with vape laws and regulations.


Be mindful of your battery


We’ve all heard the horror stories. Batteries exploding on planes or in bags because of improper storage. Many airlines have banned vape batteries from checked luggage because of such instances. Whenever traveling with a vape, remove the battery from the device and store separately to avoid any accidental misfire.


Packing E-Liquids


As long as you’re transporting your favorite e-liquids in the TSA-compliant sized containers, you shouldn’t have any trouble bringing them. Store all e-liquids in a clear plastic bag with any other liquids you may be traveling with.


Think smart, travel light


To all the experts out there who prefer to build their own mods and vapes, it’s probably best to leave all that equipment at home during your trip. Vape mod equipment can cause a lot of raised eyebrows for those unfamiliar with the practice. Better safe, than sorry.


Airport vaping is still a grey area


All airports have their own rules regarding smoking and vaping. If you are unsure whether you’re able to vape in the airport ask a TSA or security officer.


Wherever you decide to travel this summer, make it a seamless experience by following the above tips.