Vaping vs Smoking
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“Smoking tobacco is the biggest avoidable cause of death around the globe.”
Vaping has been around for a while now. There are still a lot of questions, but 95% of the medical community in Europe is on board, and doctors in the United States are slowly changing.


Vaping is not the lesser of two evils.  We already know what tobacco use causes – cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses too numerous to mention here.  There are thousands of chemicals in tobacco, and 70 of them have been proven to cause cancer. There are studies pointing to tobacco use causing dementia. Smoking kills six million people around the world every single year.


Vaping, on the other hand, has no definite proven health risks that we know of. However, because there is nicotine in e-juices which can cause addiction, that is a negative. Nicotine is added to the juices and can be reduced, similar to easing off of cigarettes. Once a person has weaned off the nicotine, they can continue vaping for the pleasure of the flavors and the physical habit that was created by smoking.  Vaping is basically inhaling flavored “steam” or vapors.


At this point in time, there is not enough data to prove that vaping is hazardous to one’s health, but we have definitive evidence that any form of tobacco use causes illness.  Europe has given the green light to vaping as compared to smoking tobacco.


One study showed that vaping at very high temperatures produces formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.  Another study disproved this. In the meantime, not too many vapers want to have a burnt taste and an aftertaste when vaping, so high-temperature vaping is not popular amongst vapers. It is believed that the “formaldehyde” study was created for personal gains amongst anti-vaping groups.