Vaping-Get the Facts-The Basics of E-juice & the Benefits of Lab Created Liquids
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Ecig battery mod atomizer and ejuice splash. High quality renderThe e-juice, also known as an e-liquid, is the main part of the vaping device where the flavor, and nicotine are found. When heated the e-juice is also the product that creates the vapor. There are a wide variety of e-juice flavors to choose from. They can be mixed and matched to suite your personal tastes. The best quality liquid is one that is lab created.


The main ingredients that are used as the base of an e-juice are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These two products mixed together give the base a smooth texture that flavors and nicotine can be added to. Most often the base has more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin due to the rich consistency of the PG. Some e-liquid flavors have higher levels of vegetable glycerin. The higher VG will create a better vapor cloud, nice for those vape smokers looking for the sub ohm factor. A higher VG liquid is also a good alternative e-juice for vape users that are sensitive or allergic to propylene glycol.



The chemical Propylene glycol has been safely used for more than fifty years. It’s often found as an ingredient in common food and household products. PG is used as a flavor carrier in foods, a base ingredient in food coloring, an additive in medicines, and an ingredient in cosmetics.


Vegetable glycerin, is not a chemical but a plant based product. According to Global Healing Center, VG is a clear, and odorless liquid that is created from plant oils such as palm, coconut or soy. The texture of vegetable glycerin is smooth and much like that of an oil or syrup. It can be used in foods and household products. For this type of use it is required to be a USP grade product. This means that it is a 99% pure vegetable glycerin. VG can be found in household products such as lotions, shampoos and toothpastes.


Lab created e-juices are often the highest quality liquids on the market. They start with the best ingredients available. The ingredients used are often USP food grade & FDA approved flavor extracts and pure, locally sourced nicotine. Premium lab created e-juices are produced in state-of-the-art labs often owned by the individual vaping companies. The manufacturing facilities and storage areas are built with controlled environments that are fully ventilated, sealed from outside air, and are climate and humidity controlled. The E-liquids are formulated by trained technicians. A lab created e-juice is often a smooth product with a rich flavor.


E-juices are the personality of the vaping device. There are many different brands and flavors available. Mixing and matching the various products will give you an e-juices with different characteristics and tastes. Buying lab created e-juices will give you a much smoother, richer product. To help you navigate the wide range of products that can be found, visit one of our vapor stores and let our informed staff help you find the e-juices and vaping products for a flavorful and unique experience.



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16 May 2016