The Only Vaping Glossary You’ll Need
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Vaping terminology is like a language in its own right and can be overwhelming new vapers. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the “need to know” terms to get you speaking the lingo like a pro.



With an adjustable airflow, you can modify the amount of air that flows through the atomizer, which makes it much easier for you to inhale the vapor, and which also produces an increased amount of vapor.



Typically, an atomizer consists out of a tube that is small and which includes a coil. Whenever you activate the power, the coil heats up, producing vapor out of the e-liquid in the container.



Box mods make it easier to enjoy advanced vaporizer features without doing too much tinkering yourself, including the addition of batteries, setting of variable voltage and wattage and even a supplementary tank.



You don’t have to use an off-the-shelf vaporizer. You can choose from a range of custom kits, including RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizer). Building your own unit really gives you the opportunity to customize your vaping experience.



Some cartridges combine the liquid container and the actual atomizer, these are known as cartomizers. The combined device both holds the liquid and vaporizes it.



A coil typically consists out of a compact tube which contains two leads, one negative, one positive, effectively making contact to the battery on the one side while on the other side making contact with the e-liquid.



A manual method where you manually drip e-liquid into your device. It offers you increased control over how e-liquid is used and can result in thicker smoke which is more flavorful.



E-liquid is what fuels your vaporizer, containing a blend of nicotine and flavorings.



Some people prefer to use a custom kit or to build their own vaporizers. These are called mods, and mods generally offer additional features which help you customize your vaping experience.



A delivery mechanism for nicotine, and one of the two basic liquids which help nicotine reach your body through the vaping process, also known as PG.



Any vaping where the atomizer coils have a resistance that is lower than 1 ohm. You get more vapor out of your device because the resistance of the coil is lower.



Also known as VG it is made mainly of plant oils, it can often have a sweet taste. It is in part reputed to produce less of a throat hit than propylene glycol.


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