Recap of CSP Daily News Article “As Consumers Trade Up, E-cigs and Vape Gain Traction”
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As the recent CSP Daily News article by Angel Abcede, “As Consumers Trade Up, E-cigs and Vape Gain Traction” states there is good news for the vaping industry including electronic cigarettes, and electronic nicotine –delivery systems (ENDS).  According to Abcede, tobacco consumers in the e-cig market are looking for more products of better quality, and are willing to pay higher price points.


This comes at the same time when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), now run by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, has taken a softer stance on E-cigarettes.  A January ENDS report by the FDA found that current smokers who completely switched to e-cigarettes saw an improvement in their health. The FDA still has concerns. Their main concern is their findings that teenagers who experiment with e-cigarettes have a higher incidence of becoming tobacco smokers.


With consumers looking for higher-end products, and the FDA showing support for e-cigarettes the vaping industry is continuing to show ongoing growth. The vaporize segment has shown one of the strongest rates of growth with three to four times the previous year’s level.


New products are also helping the vaping industries upward movement.  One new product on the horizon is the IQOS heat-not-burn device from Phillip Morris International (PMI).  Although the FDA is taking a hardline on the product, PMI is hoping for approval to be able to sell the device in the United States this year.


Closed-system electronic vaporizers are another product that is helping to increase sales in the vaping industry. The closed-system vaporizers are perceived as being easier to use than the open-system, giving the consumer a more user-friendly device.


According to Abcede, the challenges the vaping industry has gone through the last couple of years with the FDA has helped to refine vaping products and increase consumer acceptability. This is helping the vaping industry to continue to grow and thrive.


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