Quit Smoking With e-Cigarettes
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Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to kick. It’s a dirty, unhealthy habit. It destroys health and well being. It is considered to be more addictive than cocaine. It’s a habit that usually begins in early adolescence as a rite of passage and grows into a habit that can’t be stopped. With each passing year, a smoker increases their intake from just a few cigarettes per day up to as many as 3 packs per day. At some point, the smoker realizes they’re hooked and the cigarettes control their every waking moment. The average smoker attempts to quit smoking 3 times before becoming successful. Many, unfortunately, return to smoking even years after successful cessation. Some are never able to quit. With seemingly no place to turn, the smoker’s health begins to fail and they often give up. Who hasn’t seen the lady on television urging us not to smoke… the lady talking through the hole in her throat. Sadly, she died last year at age 53.

That scenario does not have to happen. The folks at Vapor Galleria have a solution. Forget about trying to quit smoking using the ‘eCigarettes’ that have been around for several years. Vapor Galleria has a better idea – a new concept – a better idea! Vapor Galleria is unique in their presentation and manufacturing of a finely tuned product made right here in the United States, not in China. They have their own labs for creating a pure and safe product for the smoker who wants to quit tobacco once and for all. Vapor Galleria has a top-notch, high-quality product second to none. They also offer world class customer service. Their team is there to answer your questions and to assist in any way they can. No matter how long you have been smoking tobacco products, Vapor Galleria can help you quit without the pain of withdrawal.

The e-juices that are produced for your ‘smoking’ pleasure are made from the highest quality food grade flavor extracts, USP kosher vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and pure nicotine derived locally within the United States. The juices are produced using the highest standards and equipment. The end product is perfected in labs where sterile conditions are key to a quality product. The flavors we offer are delicious and safe, and too numerous to list all of them here. Imagine blueberry, strawberry, apple, grape, and many many more flavors. Tobacco flavor is also available.