Four Ways to Fix Leaky Vape Tanks
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In the world of vaping, there are few things more disappointing than dealing with a leaky vape tank when you’re ready to try a new juice. Vape tanks can even begin to leak even if you’ve had an e-juice in there for a while. Not only is it a waste of your precious juice, but leaky tanks can also be a huge pain if that e-liquid gets onto something in a purse or pocket.


These simple tricks will help preserve your e-juice —and your sanity— by helping to prevent vape tank leakage.


Carefully fill your tank


Prevention is always the best medicine and vaping is no different. It’s crucial to make sure you take your time when filling a vape tank. Pay close attention to what you’re doing because it’s possible to accidentally squirt e-juice into the tank’s chimney, which is where your airflow comes through. Even a small bit of e-liquid in the chimney of a vape tank can lead to a leak, or worse yet, spitback.


Never set your tank on its side


Preventative tip number two. Sometimes it can be tempting to mindlessly set down your vape mod or a tank you’ve just filled in a bad position (sideways). When you return, there may be a pool of e-juice right beneath where you left your tank. To prevent this type of leak, which can loosen the seals on a tank, always set your vape tank or mod upright when not in use or being filled.


Make sure the seals and o-rings are snug


If you’re still experience leaks, it’s time to check out the tank to make sure all the seals are lined up and tightened and that the O-rings and tank exterior are not damaged. A loose joint can make for some quick e-liquid leaks that can affect how airtight your tank is. In addition, it’s a good practice to seal the airflow when your tank is not in use for this same reason and to prevent the tank from flooding.


Clean your tank


When all else fails, thoroughly wash and dry your vape tank to remove any gunk in the air intake or juice chamber that may cause e-liquid to back up and leak out.


These easy steps can be very helpful if you’re worried about struggling with a leaky tank. Stop into any Vapor Galleria store for all your e-liquid, CBD, and vape device needs.