How To Create Big Vape Clouds (Part 1)
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You have vape envy, don’t you? You’ve seen them. The experienced vapers with their cumulonimbus sized vapor clouds while yours more closely resemble the steam that rises from a hot cup of coffee. Well, envy no longer, novice vaper. You too can produce thick, voluminous vape clouds. The trick comes down to two things: actual vapor production and technique. This post will focus on the vapor production and next week we’ll follow up with technique.


Vapor Production


There are several ways to increase your vapor production but the most frequently used ways are these three:


1. Increase your device power


By increasing the power of your vape device, you are telling it to vaporize your e-liquid faster. The popular trend of sub-ohm vaping uses this approach. By using a powerful battery along with a low resistance coil, more power can pass through the circuit, increasing the rate of e-liquid vaporization.


NOTE: Increasing power doesn’t “really” increase your vapor, only the amount of vapor you receive from a single inhale. Sub-ohm vaping, while popular, can be dangerous if your do not follow the proper safety precautions. Learn the essentials prior trying this technique.


2. Increase airflow


By increasing the power of your vape, as described in the first technique, you’re also increasing the temperature of the vapor that you inhale. This may or may not be uncomfortable depending upon your preferences. Increasing airflow counteracts this higher temperature by allowing more fresh air to come in and cool the vapor. The fresh air also adds to the size of the cloud created because more air is traveling over your coils, allowing your vape device to produce vapor at a quicker pace.


3. Using the right eLiquid


The ingredient which affects the size of your vapor clouds is VG or vegetable glycerin. So, if your intention is to produce those big fluffy vape clouds, opt for eLiquids with higher VG. Keep in mind, however, higher VG ratios do have an impact on the taste of your eLiquid (and not in a good way).

Stay tuned for next week when we go over the techniques used to create HUGE vape clouds.