Why Choose a Vapor Galleria Vape Shop?
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2015-02-26 12.55.17As vaping becomes more popular the number of vape shops is also increasing. In the vaping industry, being a newer market, shops and franchises don’t have the tradename recognition that other longer-term markets have. This can make choosing a vape store more difficult. As with many store chains some in the industry are better than others. Among the best in vape shop chains is the Vapor Galleria vape shop franchise. Their store outlets are set-up as to not only be a place for purchasing vape products but an over-all vaping experience.


Vapor Galleria was founded in 2013. The concept that CEO Gerald (Ed) Williams wanted to convey were vape shops that had a different look and feel than industry standards. In the Vapor Galleria franchise, the vape shop outlets have an upscale, professional look. The feel is more of that of a lounge than a store. To add to the lounge feel the franchise outlet stores include e-liquid tasting bars. The main focus of the vape shops is on high quality sales and world class customer service.


Vapor Galleria manufactures their own e-liquids, also called e-juices, in their state-of-the-art labs. The lab is a clean, white-coat, fully-automated manufacturing facility. The technicians are fully trained and equipped within a facility that is fully ventilated, sealed from outside air, and climate & humidity controlled. The e-liquids use only high grade FDA approved ingredients which include USP propylene glycol and USP Kosher vegetable glycerin for a smooth base. According to the European Chemical Industry Association Propylene glycol (PG) is a substance that has been safely used for over 50 years. Considered to have a very low toxicity level propylene glycol is often found in foods, medicines and cosmetics.


Other ingredients in the company’s e-liquids are flavor extracts and nicotine. The flavor extracts are the best food grade products available for the most flavorful product. The nicotine is pure nicotine that is sourced locally from the United States. After the ingredients are combined the e-liquid is set to steep before bottling to bring out the most intense flavors.


In 2013 when the Vapor Galleria franchise opened they had over a hundred flavor profiles for their e-juices. The flavors of their e-liquids range from simple such as grape to the more complex such as New England cheesecake. Their flavor groups include exotic, savory, fruity, tobacco and menthol. Most of the flavors are a mixed base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. A handful of their flavors are considered high in vegetable glycerin. The nicotine level in their e-liquids range from 0mg up to 24mg.


When choosing a vape shop consider the lounge-like feel of a Vapor Galleria vape shop. Their trained employees can help you with deciding on which vape products and e-juices would work best for you. Experience the different flavors of their in-house manufactured e-juices at their e-liquid tasting bar. Their upscale design and focus on outstanding customer service will create a unique experience while you are shopping for all your vaping needs.



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8 May 2016