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Are You Vaping Premium Lab Created E-juice?

There lies one thing at the heart of e-cig and vaping industry. One thing that draws people in and keeps their sense of adventure: e-juice. Flavor is the draw and it’s certainly what keeps people around. At Vapor Galleria we’ve … Read More

Common Vape Problems and Simple Solutions (Part 2)

This is the follow-up to our previous post about common vape problems and their super simple solutions. Continue reading to learn how you can fix these issues that many vapers have experienced:


Not Enough Flavor

If you feel that … Read More

Common Vape Problems and Simple Solutions (Part 1)

There is nothing worse than looking forward to a good vape session and having it derailed by something going wrong. Knowing how to fix device issues can get you back on the right track, heading towards the high-quality experience you … Read More

Have you found your online vape community?

Whether a newbie or an advanced experienced vaper, joining a vaping community is a way to connect with like-minded individuals who share your love of vaping. Whatever your reason for using the device, there is likely a vaping community to … Read More

New study in UK confirms e-cigarettes aid in quitting smoking

The findings from a randomized study of British adults were published last month in the UK’s New England Journal of Medicine. Conclusions drawn from the research indicate that when coupled with targeted one-on-one behavior therapy, e-cigarettes are significantly more effective … Read More

How to blow smoke triangles

Vape culture is one of the biggest subcultures in America today, with an enthusiastic and loyal following from social media to real-life vape competitions where airbenders come together to perform some seriously mind-melting smoke tricks. Maybe that’s even the reason … Read More

The Benefits of Vaping CBD

You’ve probably heard about CBD oil. That compound derived from the hemp plant. The one with all the incredible medical applications without the “high” of THC.


CBD has been adopted by many industries including the vaping industry for its … Read More

Public Vaping Manners and Etiquette

Falling into a false sense of security when it comes to vaping is easy. Particularly if you vape sans tobacco. You may think, there’s not even tobacco in heresurely, these “rules” don’t apply to me. But you’d be … Read More

Vape Bending and Other Tricks

Single O’s, Jellyfish, Vape Bending and French Inhale are all terms that you’ll have heard about if you are an enthusiastic vaper. They are some of the most popular vaping tricks, but vaping tricks range from the simple to the … Read More

Best Vape Starter Kits for 2019

Now that 2019 is upon us, what better time to look for a new vape starter kit.  Here are some suggestions for the best vape starter kits to get started with for this new year.


Pod Vape Systems

 … Read More