Best Vape Starter Kits for 2019
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Now that 2019 is upon us, what better time to look for a new vape starter kit.  Here are some suggestions for the best vape starter kits to get started with for this new year.


Pod Vape Systems


Pod systems have been one of the big trends of 2018, and many predict this trend will continue into 2019. It’s no surprise why. They’re compact and many devices fit neatly into your hand, bag or even a back pocket and they’re easy to use.


Joyetech Teros


This simple device requires no buttons to operate and comes with refillable pods. It also comes with a neat thermochromic treatment which means the colour changes as your hands warm it up!


Pen-style and All-In-One Vapes


Pen styles are so called because of their longer and thinner design and often overlap with AIOs. In an AIO device you’ll get everything you need in one kit, and very often the tank can be screwed directly into the battery component.


The Aspire Pockex


One of the most popular all-in-one vape devices available today. It’s easy to use, reliable and produces a great vape


Beginners Mod Vapes


Modified devices are capable of producing more vapor. While most mods are powerful and often complicated devices, you can now get devices which look like a mod but are suitable for a beginner.


The Wismec CB80


The Wismec CB80 has the heft and design of a vape mod, but comes with the tight draw that most new vapers prefer.




The vaping revolution began with the humble cigalike. Nowadays they don’t have the same style appeal as modern vapes. Because you use them with pre-filled cartridges, there’s a bit of a  limitation on the flavors you can use with them. That said, cigalikes still retain a huge fan base.


The Halo Cigalike Bundle


Popular with thousands of vapers for many years and using the same manufactured and tested e-liquid as the Halo range, the Halo cigalike features an automatic draw and uses pre-filled cartridges.

Whatever your vape style or preference, there’s likely a vape starter kit for you. Don’t forget to stop into any of our Vapor Galleria stores for all your vaping needs.