5 Intermediate to Advanced Vape Tricks
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You’ve mastered the basics—O’s, ghost inhales, dragon, etc—and now it’s time to dig into some more complicated vape theatrics. Here are 5 popular intermediate to advanced vape tricks to add to your repertoire:


French Inhale — an oldie but a goodie


Simple, yet crowd-pleasing, the French Inhale is definitely a favorite among vapers. The idea is to push the vapor from your mouth and up into your nose without any fallout.


How to do it: First Take a drag and hold the vapor in your cheeks, allowing it to settle. Then, open your mouth and gently push the vapor out with your tongue while simultaneously inhaling through your nose.


Double and Triple O’s — not your average O ring


This smoke ring variation is pretty self explanatory. You’re trying to blow two or even three smoke rings at the same time.


How to do it: If you haven’t mastered the O-ring, go back and do that before attempting this trick. The technique is the same. Place a finger over your mouth splitting it into two sections. now when you exhale your vapor you should have two identical rings. To blow triple O’s, put two fingers over your mouth and exhale.


Vape Bending — yep, just like Aang


This trick definitely separates the beginners from the pros. Vape bending means manipulating your vapor using your hands or body.


How to do it: Cup your hand next to your mouth as you blow a smoke ring. Follow the ring with your hand, gently directing it wherever you want it to go. With practice you can basically control your O’s to do whatever you want.


Bull Ring — embrace your inner beast


This trick creates a ring through your nose similar to that of a bull (or any pop punk teenager).


How to do it: Blow a small to medium sized smoke ring then lean in and inhale the top of the ring with your nostrils. This creates the illusion of a bull ring in your nose. Stand in front of a mirror or video tape yourself while doing this trick so you can tell if you are performing it correctly.


Triangles — pretty trippy


Have O’s lost their luster? Are you looking for a challenge? How about blowing triangles, or squares.


How to do it: Blow a large dense smoke ring placing your hand behind it. Then swipe down twice on the side of the O so it starts to ripple. The result should be a spinning triangle.