A Holiday Vaping Guide for 2018
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Stock up and plan ahead. These are sage words you would be wise to commit to memory. The holiday season is upon us. With major gift-giving holidays right around the corner, along with the dawn of 2019 (finally!).


This time of year is about relaxation, indulgence, and communal gatherings. While the festive months give us a chance to let go and have some fun, vapers find themselves confronted with some potential challenges.


Here’s a vaper’s guide to getting the most out of this holiday season.


Stock up and plan ahead

Before the madness ensues, make sure you’re stocked up on your favorite juices, coils and any other consumables that you’re likely to use over the holidays. Be mindful of changing store hours, many shops extend their business hours in the winter months to encourage holiday shopping.


Get into the holiday spirit

Partake in some holiday-themed vape novelties, juices, and consumables. Flavors like peppermint bark, eggnog, and pumpkin pie are just waiting to be enjoyed.


Gift ideas

There is certainly no shortage of vaping-related gifts out there. From mods and liquids to branded swag and subscription services. Vaping is one gift that keeps on giving.


Stealth vaping isn’t always stealthy

Despite all the evidence indicating vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking, some non-smokers still don’t enjoy being engulfed in clouds of vapor (however sweet smelling they may be). Some pubs and clubs implicitly or explicitly allow vaping, however it’s both courteous and considerate to reign in the clouds when in large groups or public spaces.


Hangover cure

Picture waking up on New Year’s Day. You’re disoriented and most likely hungover. You reach for your mod to take a hit of some CBD e-liquid while you rehydrate your body and recover. A study conducted at the University of Kentucky found CBD can offset the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Probably a tad more credible than your roommate’s homemade hangover cure.


Commit to a change

As the year draws to a close you may be wondering what your new year’s resolution should be. You could try to reduce your nicotine consumption or quit smoking altogether, or maybe you could encourage a smoking friend to switch to vaping.


Stop into any Vapor Galleria store this holiday season and try our new and exciting holiday flavors!