5 Tips for Vapers to Stay Sane During the Holidays
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The holidays are fast approaching, which means gatherings with family and friends. We thought it would be fitting to give you some holiday vaping tips to help you stay sane this season.


Order your gear early – holiday delays are REAL


When it comes to your vape juice and vape gear, it would be wise to get your order in before the major holidays arrive. USPS and FedEx know and prepare for the holiday rush but still slow down due to the influx of last-minute packages.


Travel smart and safe


If you are traveling home this holiday season, remember that most forms of transportation do not allow smoking during a flight. If you are opting to drive to your destination, make sure to crack your window enough to avoid clouding your car and vape wisely, keeping your eyes on the road!


Prepare your batteries


The holiday season is the long haul. Family gatherings can easily last hours, which means if you’re a frequent vaper, you should be sure to have your battery charger.  Pick out your outlet in advance, maybe upstairs or in a bedroom. And of course, showing up with fully charged, extra batteries is a lifesaver!


Prepare for anti-vaping sentiment


You know they don’t know the things, but you also know they say they know. You know? So what do we do about anti-vaping family members? Best thing to do is to let them say their peace and then calmly explain the facts.


Vape desserts to avoid that third slice of pumpkin pie


The diet starts tomorrow! A phrase we’ve all uttered a time or two. But we know how hard it is to pass up delicious goodies when they’re so readily available during the holidays. Oceans of cookies, cakes, and pies as far as the eye can see. But instead of going back to the dessert table for thirds, vape a sweet and savory dessert flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth and save your waistline.


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