How To Do 5 Classic Vape Tricks
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While performing vape tricks is not a necessary part of vaping, it is certainly fun. From subtle tricks like the Ghost Inhale to more pronounced feats like the Jelly Fish, there are hundreds of tricks to learn with more being created every day. Here are a few simple vape tricks that shouldn’t take too long to learn.


1. Smoke rings


Before conquering the more exciting tricks, you should master the basics. Well, smoke rings are about as basic as you can get in the vape trick world. They form the foundation for many other tricks. The key to blowing perfect smoke rings is to keep your tongue towards the back of your throat and bottom of your mouth. Purse your lips to get that O shape and exhale the vapor in short controlled bursts.


2. Mushroom cloud


Also called “the cloud,” this also a foundational trick for vapers to learn. To do this trick, take a deep inhale of vaper, allowing it to linger in your mouth for a few seconds. Exhale that vapor in a ball-shape and then quickly inhale it again.


3. Waterfall


This trick produces a spooky effect reminiscent of magic from the dark ages. This requires more than just your device and mouth, so grab a bottle and try this trick. Take the bottle and fill it with a small amount of water and freeze before attempting trick. Take a big inhale from your vape, and slowly blow it into the bottle and pour it out.


4. Game of Thrones


Also called the Dragon, this is actually a fairly easy trick to reproduce. The effect will be as if you were one of Khaleesi’s dragons.Take a deep inhale from your device until your mouth is full of thick vapor. Push it through your nose while exhaling from both sides of your mouth. And there you have it. Practice these basics and then work on stringing them together to create some impressive vape tricks.