Monthly Archives: March 2017

Vaping For Health and Enjoyment!

If you’re thinking about vaping as a hobby or as a means to stop smoking cigarettes, do your homework. There’s a lot of information out there, and not all of it is reliable. There has been much media attention Read More

Flavor of the Week-Green Tea Wafer


A mildly sweet, crunchy wafer blended with green tea, and a hint of white chocolate.Read More

Is The FDA Trying To Eliminate The Vaping Industry?

Just when something arrives on the market to help people quit smoking and give others a pleasurable “hobby” that doesn’t cause addiction or weight gain, in comes the FDA!  The FDA protects us from a lot of things, but they Read More

Flavor of the Week- Coconut Milk

vape juice

A mild yet tasty flavor that’s smooth and delivers the perfect amount of coconut.Read More

Flavor of the Week- Funnel Cake

A little crispy and the outside and extra fluffy on the inside.  Our Funnel Cake delivers that classic carnival taste everybody loves.… Read More

Vaping Is Not Smoking: It’s A Safe Alternative

Vaping doesn’t have receive a huge amount of love these days especially when it comes to teenagers vaping. In spite of various sources suggesting that vaping has caused an increase in teen tobacco use, this was proven to be untrue. … Read More

Flavor of the Week- Passion Tea Lemonade

e-juice flavor

Sweet tea blended with tart lemonade, and just a dash of passion fruit to create this summer time favorite.… Read More

Is Vaping For You?

Maybe you’ve heard of vaping and maybe you know some people who are regular vapers, but you’re still not totally sure it’s for you. That’s normal and completely understandable. That’s why we’re going to break it down for you today … Read More