It’s Not Too Late To Quit Smoking

The days of going outside to grab a smoke can be over.  Getting the evil eye from friends and family can also be over. If you’ve been a smoker for any length of time, you know the rules.  People … Read More

Will Nicotine Kill You?

Some “anti-vapers” will tell you that “nicotine is more poisonous than cyanide”, or “just a half teaspoon of e-liquid can kill a child”, or “nicotine is highly toxic in any form.”  Statements such as these are designed to … Read More

Can E-Cigs Reverse Harm From Smoking?


A researcher named Professor Ricarrdo Polosa has been studying the effects that vaping has on patients with high blood pressure and asthma problems in Italy. Cigarette smoking is known to both increase blood pressure and worsens asthma.


Heart … Read More

Flavor of the Week – Vanilla Bean Berry


Smooth vanilla bean ice cream with a blend of tart raspberries that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.… Read More

Vaping vs Smoking

“Smoking tobacco is the biggest avoidable cause of death around the globe.”
Vaping has been around for a while now. There are still a lot of questions, but 95% of the medical community in Europe is on board, and … Read More

Flavor of the Week – Raspberry Tart


Sweet raspberry blended perfectly with lemon meringue and a hint of cream!
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Flavorings Do Not Attract Young People To Vaping

One of the most attractive characteristics of e-Cigarettes is the large number of flavorings that are available. Many public health officials consider this a drawback claiming that flavorings attract young users and eventually, these young people will start smoking tobacco … Read More

Does E-Juice Go Bad?

Most people don’t think about expiration dates unless it concerns food but e-juice is one of those consumable products you would think never expires. But can e-juice go bad?  Let’s find out.


There is an expiration date on bottles … Read More

Flavor of the Week – Strawberry Cheesecake


Rich and creamy cheesecake with a velvety strawberry drizzle that hit’s the sweet tooth just right.
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Flavor of the Week – Deep Fried Smore


Crumbly graham cracker, with smooth milk chocolate and fluffy marshmallow, all deep fried in a savory overdose of enjoyment.
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